Buy MainOpsStaff-2ed Data Import Wizard

(HCTM-4 $200.00)

MainOpsStaff-2ed-JustDoNext Data Import Wizard is an upgrade that allows you to import building space inventory data from existing Excel spreadsheets and automatically assign APPA Maintenance Types to your space based on FICM Codes or Local Descriptions.


It is called JustDoNext Wizard because in most cases all you need to do to import your data is to click the Next button. JustDoNext Wizard also provides greater flexibility in handling MainOpsStaff inventory files. It allows you to collect inventory data into an ordinary spreadsheet and then import it into MainOpsStaff-2ed permitting staff to collect inventory data without being trained to use MainOpsStaff-2ed. See the JustDoNext Data Import Wizard Help Document for more details.

NOTE: Credit Card is the preferred method of purchase. You can also pay via your PayPal account. We are no longer able to accept purchase orders. 

Buy MainOpsStaff-2ed Data Import Wizard:

You will get the following features with your purchase of additional record capacity.

  • Ability to import data from ordinary Excel spreadsheets.


  • 15 additional days of TechCallBack Tech Support.