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Buy CleanOpsStaff-3ed ProLocal

(HCT-11 $200)

Get 166% more local categories for a total of 40 instead of 15 and selected ISSA 540 Times from dropdown lists.

NOTE: Credit Card is the preferred method of purchase. You can also pay via your PayPal account. We are no longer able to accept purchase orders. 

Increase from 15 to 40 Local Categories allowing you to increase the power of CleanOpsStaff by defining 166% more local space categories than before. Additionally, you will be able to make your own local categories by selecting cleaning activities (tasks) from the ISSA 540 Time (Square Feet based tasks). The 40 local space categories plus the 33 APPA Standard Categories increase your total space categories capability from 48 to 73

Please review the capabilities list below before purchasing. In order to keep the price of CleanOpsStaff and the upgrade/Add-In as low as possible Hunter Consulting and Training is not able to process refunds. 


  • Allow you to make 40 local categories instead of just 15.

  • Allow you to select Cleaning Activities/Tasks and Times from the ISSA 540 Times list

  • CleanOpsStaff automatically compute the correct base time adjusted for the base CSF of the category you are making

  • Allow you to combine APPA activities with ISSA task with CleanOpsStaff doing all the calculations

  • Allow you to use ISSA 540 Times tasks based on all units including fixtures, linear feet, SF and specific equipment to be used to perform tasks.

Custodial Guidelines/CleanOpsStaff-3ed Software Package (A764-P)


Grounds Guidelines/GroundsOpsStaff-2ed Software Package (A765-P)


Maintenance Guidelines/MainOpsStaff Package (A766-P)


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