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MainOpsStaff-2ed Will Be Discontinued and Retired December 31, 2022

MainOpsStaff-2ed is no longer being sold by APPA and will be phased out and retired December 31, 2022.  The software WILL NOT function after this date. The stability of the software during the remaining time cannot be assured as other third-party supporting systems are modified and updated. Technical support for existing users will continue to be provided by Hunter Consulting and Training until December 31, 2022, under its Tech Support agreement service. 


Users are advised to begin looking for alterative software for your maintenance operations and staffing requirements. Please note that all of your data is stored locally on your computer and that APPA and Hunter Consulting and Training have never had access to it. The MainOpsStaff-2ed application does have an export feature that might allow you to export your data for importing into an alternative program of your choice. Hunter Consulting and Training will be sending out additional information about the impending discontinuation and retirement of the software in the near future.


Our sincere thanks to the OpsStaff software user community for your interest since 2008 and we hope this product has added value to your operation!


MainOpsStaff-2ed is a software application designed to implement the APPA Maintenance Staffing and Operations protocol containing in the APPA Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Maintenance second edition The software assists Maintenance Management professionals in estimating staffing levels and budget requirements based on the APPA Aggregate FTE Method described in chapter 3 of the Guidelines book. Click here to open the User Manual for Help Getting Started


 Latest Release Dates:

  • Program Manager - 10/14/2021

  • Main Program - 9/22/2021

Click below link to download MainOpsStaff-2ed (you can run in demo mode for free):

To purchase the Maintenance Guidelines/MainOpsStaff package or to review APPA description go to the APPA online bookstore and perform and Keyword search for 'MainOpsStaff' .

Price is $360.00 ($455.00 for non-members) with volume discount as follows:

Volume Discounts (Maintenance Guidelines/MainOpsStaff Package)

1-9 = No discount

10-19 = 15%

20-29 = 20%                BUY NOW

30-49 = 25%

50 or more = 35%

Click below links to purchase Training and Implementation Assistance services for MainOpsStaff-2ed (MainOpsStaffAssist program)


These documents will provide you all the information you need to make a purchase decision and to learn to use MainOpsStaff. Click the links to open or download.

MainOPsStaff-2ed Home

Custodial Guidelines/CleanOpsStaff-3ed Software Package (A764-P)


Grounds Guidelines/GroundsOpsStaff-2ed Software Package (A765-P)


Maintenance Guidelines/MainOpsStaff Package (A766-P)


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