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CleanOpsStaff-3ed Getting Previous Release
(Not available for Excel 2002 and 2003)
(Scroll down for step-by-step instructions)

In the rare and unlikely event you begin to have issues after getting the Latest Release, you can revert back to the Previous Release by follwing the below steps. Prior to getting the latest release it is recommended that you use your Tech Support agreement to request assistance in resolving the issue you might be having with the Latest Release. 

  1. With CleanOpsStaff-3ed not running and all associated files closed, click on this link Download Previous Release for Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 Now to download the Previous Release of CleanOpsStaff-3ed based on the version of Excel you are using.

  2. Click Run and OK whenever given a prompt to do so.

  3. Click Unzip when given a prompt to do so.

  4. Click Close after the files have been unzipped.

  5.  Make sure CleanOpsStaff -3ed is not running and that any file associated with CleanOpsStaff-3ed is closed including the Program Manager. DO NOT DELETE ANY FILES OR FOLDERS DURING ANY PART OF THESE INSTRUCTIONS.

  6. VERY IMPORTANT: Use the Windows Control Panel to uninstall/remove CleanOpsStaff -3ed (PLEASE DONOT DELETE ANY FILES OR FOLDERS. (The Windows Control Panel uninstall/remove command does not delete any files or folders from your computer).

  7. Open C:\CleanOpsStaff-3ed Program Files folder and double click on the Setup.exe file to re-install CleanOpsStaff-3ed.

  8. The latest release will be re-installed and the Program Manager will be launched.

  9. Only if necessary, use your Product Code and Activation Key to activate CleanOpsStaff-3ed if you have not activated it previously or if it has become un-activated for some reason.

  10. Only if necessary, use the CleanOpsStaff-3ed-Pro Upgrades button in the left Action Button panel of the Program Manager, to reactivate all your purchased upgrades.

  11. Quit CleanOpsStaff-3ed Program Manager.

  12. Now run CleanOpsStaff-3ed as you would any other Windows program. See the below screenshots for example steps to run CleanOpsStaff-3ed in Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Custodial Guidelines/CleanOpsStaff-3ed Software Package (A764-P)


Grounds Guidelines/GroundsOpsStaff-2ed Software Package (A765-P)


Maintenance Guidelines/MainOpsStaff Package (A766-P)


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