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Buy GroundsOpsStaffAssist
(1-hour -$125.00/1/2-hour - $75.00)

(For GroundsOpsStaff-2ed)

GroundsOpsStaff-2ed users have indicated a need for assistance that is outside of the scope of their Tech Support Agreement, but not as extensive as the 4-6 hour Training/Implementation Support service that we no longer offer. To satisfy this need, Hunter Consulting and Training is pleased to announce the GroundsOpsStaffAssist program that can be purchased in 1/2-hour blocks or 1-hour block. You can purchase as many hours as you wish and use the time when you wish in a single session or in multiple session of at least 30-minutes. The live online sessions are conducted using GoToMeeting which allows complete visibility of computer screens on both ends of the GoToMeeting connection. You can also use the time for Hunter Consulting and Training to work for you off-line on activity related to GroundsOpsStaff-3ed training and implementation.

No additional software is needed to use GoToMeeting you can join a meeting by clicking this link

Example of some of the areas of assistance are:

  • Quick help in getting started with use of the application

  • Short sessions for detail training on particular topics

  • Assistance in dealing with data importation

  • Assistance and Training to capture your Grounds Areas Inventory data using Google Earth Pro

  • ProScheduler Training

  • Training on the APPA Guidelines book

  • Any other topic related to training and implementation of GroundsOpsStaff-2ed

NOTE: Credit Card is the preferred method of purchase. You can also pay via your PayPal account. We are no longer able to accept purchase orders. 

Follow the below steps:

  1. Use the Add to Cart button to purchase the session or sessions. You can purchase as many hours as you wish and then use them as you need them in at least 30 minutes or more increments. You can change the number of hours in the Quantity box when you go to your Cart.

  2. Then send an email to listing the questions and/or topics you need help with and several optional dates/time for the session.

  3. On the day of the session, you will connect via a GoToMeeting session and your questions and topics will be addressed.

One Computer Session:

GroundsOpsStaffAssist With One Computer Logged Into the Webinar session or Off-Line assistance with GroundsOpsStaff-2ed Implementation ($125.00 per hour)

Use the Add to Cart button and change the quantity in the Shoping Cart to purchase more than one hour.

Pay Off Your GroundsOpsStaffAssist Negative Balance

  1. Enter your organization name in the box to the right.

  2. Click the Pay Now button.

  3. IMPORTANT: In the PayPal website Purchase Detail screen enter the amount of your balance before clicking the Continue button

One Computers 1/2-hour Session:

1/2-hour GroundsOpsStaffAssist session with one computer logged in ($75.00)

Multiple Computers Session:

GroundsOpsStaffAssist with multiple computers logged into the GoToMeeting session ($125.00 per hour for first connection and $60 per hour for each additional connection)

Custodial Guidelines/CleanOpsStaff-3ed Software Package (A764-P)


Grounds Guidelines/GroundsOpsStaff-2ed Software Package (A765-P)


Maintenance Guidelines/MainOpsStaff Package (A766-P)


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