GroundsOpsStaff-2ed Home Page

(Grounds Operation and Staffing Software)

GroundsOpsStaff-2ed is a software application designed to implement the APPA Grounds Maintenance Staffing and Operations protocol contained in the APPA Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Grounds book. The software assists Grounds Management professionals in determining proper staffing levels and schedules base on five different level of service. See GroundsOpsStaff-2ed Presentation (PDF) and scroll down to the bottom of this page for documentation and more information on GroundsOpsStaff-2ed capabilities. Click here to open the User Manual for Help Getting Started


 Latest Release Dates:

  • Program Manager - 10/14/2021

  • Main Program - 6/30/2021

Click below link download GroundsOpsStaff-2ed (you can run in demo mode for free):

Click below link download to purchase the software package from the APPA online bookstore:

Price is $360.00 ($455.00 for non-members) with volume discount as follows:

Volume Discounts (Grounds Guidelines/GroundsOpsStaff Package (A765-P)

1-9 = No discount

10-19 = 15%

20-29 = 20%                BUY NOW

30-49 = 25%

50 or more = 35%

Click below links to purchase Training and Implementation Assistance services for GroundsOpsStaff-2ed (GroundsOpsStaffAssist program)


These documents will provide you all the information you need to make a purchase decision and to learn to use GroundsOpsStaff. Click the links to open or download.